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Entering Dates
1. You can enter/modify dates by either right-clicking on a goal, or left-clicking on a goal and then clicking "Edit Task."

8. You can now see the "Hyperfocus Zone". You should focus your work on these tasks and forget about the rest. Tasks in the "Hyperfocus Zone" can be edited and checkmarked as complete.

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2. Either of the two procedures mentioned above should cause the "Change Properties" window to open.

3. Click the "Cal" button by the "Due Date" field and select the due date for this task.

4. Click the "Cal" button by the "Start Date" field and select the start date for this task.

5. After you've selected the Due Date and Start Date, click the "OK" button to close the "Change Properties" window and save the modified dates. You should now see that Task A1 displays two dates: the top date is the Start Date and the bottom date is the Due Date.

6. What about the "Finished on" date?
This date will be set when you actually complete your task. It can be the same as the due date (if you are on time), it can be earlier than the due date (if you are ahead of schedule), or it can be later than the due date (if you are late).

Note: In order to complete a task you can either check mark the "Done" box, move the "Percentage Done"  slider all the way to the end, or enter "100" in the "Percentage Done" field.
You can also complete a task by simply entering a "Finished on" date.

7. Goals and tasks color code.

8. Parent Goal Dates: GoalEnforcer uses the top-down design method to help you identify your major goals, which are then broken into sub-goals. You move from higher level goals, to lower level sub-goals and finally tasks (which can then be executed).

On the other hand, when setting the dates and percentage done, you move the opposite direction by using the bottom-up method. You can only know how long it is going to take to accomplish a goal, if you know how many tasks you need to execute in order to accomplish this goal, and how long it takes to execute each task.

Therefore, if you try to set the dates for a goal that has sub-goals (or sub-tasks), you'll get the following message reminding you that you have to set set the sub-task dates instead of the parent goal.
However, if you really need to set a date for a parent goal, there is a trick you can use. You can just go ahead and create a dummy sub-goal for "Goal A" and name it something like "Deadline" (or whatever). You can then set a due date for the "Deadline" (because it doesn't have sub-goals), and this due date will be transferred to the parent "Goal A."
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