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Hyperfocus Zone
You have hundreds of goals and sub-goals. You now need to start moving forward, by accomplishing one sub-goal at a time. You need to focus your energy like a laser beam and avoid distractions. The GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus Zone can help you with that!

1. Choose the tasks that you will be working on in the next block of time. It could be something like "tasks that I want to complete TODAY", "tasks that I want to complete THIS MORNING", "tasks that I want to complete in the next TWO HOURS".

2. If you don't want to use a specific time block, you can simply choose the highest priority tasks. Something like "the next three tasks that I'll be working on," or "tasks that I can complete in one sitting ."

3. Either way, (1) or (2) above, you should choose individual tasks (meaning that they don't have sub-goals or sub-tasks).

4. Select the first task by left-clicking on it.
5. Click the "Add to Hyperfocus Zone" button. This will add a Hyperfocus badge to your selected task.
Add Goal to Hyperfocus Zone Picture
6. You can repeat the process for as many tasks as you want. Make sure you always select single tasks (tasks with no sub-tasks).

7. Visiting the "Hyperfocus Zone": click the "Focus" button on the top toolbar.
How to Open the Hyperfocus Zone Picture
8. You can now see the "Hyperfocus Zone": you should focus your work on these tasks and forget about the rest. Tasks in the "Hyperfocus Zone" can be edited and checkmarked as complete.

GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus Zone Picture
9. Once you complete your hyperfocus tasks, you can remove them from the "Hyperfocus Zone." Click the "Recycle Hyperfocus" button.

10. If you want to remove just a specific task from the "Hyperfocus Zone," click on the task (in order to select it) and then click the "Remove Task from Hyperfocus Zone" button. This action will remove only the selected task.
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11. You can click the "Focus" button again to go back to the main map.
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