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Moving Goals
It is very easy to move a goal from one location to another.
  A. You can move a goal from one location to another, within the same project.
  B. You can move a goal from one project to another project.

You basically drag your goal to the clipboard area, navigate to a different location within  the same project (or open a new project) and then drag it back to the main area.

If a goal has sub-goals, it will carry all its sub-goals with it.

1. We start with a simple project having two top level goal examples: "Goal A" and "Goal B."
- Goal A has two sub-goals "Suboal A1" and "Subgoal A2."
- Goal B also has two sub-goals: "Subogoal B1" and "Subgoal B2."
4. Click and hold "Goal A."

5. Drag "Goal A" to the main map area.

6. Release the mouse, Goal A is now a sub-goal of Goal B. Notice that Goal A carried its sub-goals with it (the blue ring indicates that Goal A has sub-goals).

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2. Drag "Goal A" to the "Clipboard Area."
3. Double-click on "Goal B," this will bring you to Goal B sub-goal level. You should now see Goal B sub-goals: "Subgoal B1" and "Subgoal B2."

7. Now let's move Goal A to another project. As before, click and hold on Goal A, and then drag it to the "Clipboard Area."

8. Open another project or just create a new project.
9. Drag "Goal A" to the main map area.
10. Goal A and all its sub-goals have been moved to the new project.
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