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Multiple Goals
Some users assume that you have to create a new GoalEnforcer project file for each goal, which is not true. You can (and should) create multiple goals within the same project file.
1. Create a new GoalEnforcer project by clicking the "New Project" button.
2. Change the central goal name to "My Goals" (or whatever name you feel is appropriate).

3. Add a top level goal and name it "Career" (or whatever you want).
Add Goal - GoalEnforcer Picture
4. Drag the "Career" goal close to "My Goals" until it creates a link.

5. Add more top level goals using the same process.
Multiple Goals - GoalEnforcer Picture
6. Create a subgoal level for "Career" by clicking on it (to select it) and then clicking the "Add Subgoal Level" button.
Add Subgoal - GoalEnforcer Picture
7. Once you create the subgoal space for "Career" go ahead and enter Career related goals.
Sub-goals - GoalEnforcer Picture
8. Repeat the process and create subgoals for "Get a Promotion", "Enroll for Training", "Feel Happier at Work" and so on. You can create as many subgoals as you want.

9. Go back to the top level (by clicking the Home icon) and do the same process for the other top level goals (Career, Academics, Nutrition, Body Building, Family, Finances).

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