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GoalEnforcer-Outlook Integration
With GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus, you can transfer all you GoalEnforcer tasks to MS Outlook, and then bring them back from MS Outlook to GoalEnforcer.

1. Click the "Software Integration" button.
2. Selet "Export to Outlook."
3.  A new folder will be created in Oultook, having the same name as your GoalEnforcer project ("Build a House" in this case). All "Build a House" tasks will be exported to Oulook.
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4. Once you update your tasks in Outlook, you can bring them back to GoalEnforcer by clicking the "Software Integration" button and then selecting "Import form Outlook." 
Note: if you create a new task while in Outlook, this task will show up at the topmost level of your GoalEnforcer map. You should then re-organize your map by moving his task to the appropriate level.
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