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Status Report
The GoalEnforcer Status Report shows a clear summary of how your goals and sub-goals are progressing against schedule. The Status Report window can also show a Progress Chart and a Calendar View (GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus version).

1. The Status Report window can be accessed by clicking the "Status" button.
2. The Status Report should open up in a separate window.
GoalEnforcer Status Report Window
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3. You can save your Status Report using different formats. Just click the Save button and select your option.
4. HTML GoalEnforcer Status Report format (web page).
5. Plain TEXT GoalEnforcer Status Report format.
6. CSV GoalEnforcer Status Report format (opened in Excel).
7. You can also open your GoalEnforcer Status Report in your favorite browser by clicking the HTML button. It works with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
8. So, what's this FTP button all about?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol" and that's what you use to transfer your GoalEnforcer Status Report to your website, so that it will be displayed as a web page for other people to see it.

What info do I need?

Ask you Web Hosting Provider and they should provide you with your FTP login info.

It should include:
- Your
FTP server address, which is usually something like ftp.mywebsitename.com
- Your
- Your

"Server Directory" means a folder in your server where you want to store your projects. Its usually
www if you want to make your report open to the public, or something like www/myprojects if you want to use a private folder.

9. Focused Report: this is an important feature that allows you to have partial display of the Status Report info.

- You can choose to display the "Current  Map View," which will only display the goals (and all sub-goals) that were being displayed by the main view before you opened the Status Report. Note: if you want to select a different view, close the Status report, navigate to a different level and then re-open the Status Report window.

- You can also choose to display the "Hyperfocus Zone" items.

- Click "Focus Off" to display the entire project.

10. Progress Chart: click the "View Chart" button to see the Progress Chart. The solid blue line represent your actual progress while the dashed line represents the expected progress. You should have due dates set in order the see the expected progress, otherwise you'll just see the actual progress (solid blue line).
11. Calendar: click the "View Calendar" button to see the GoalEnforcer Calendar.
12. Clicking on a specific day will bring up a window showing the tasks that have been assigned for this day.
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